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BCoolsite CMS system tips and tutorials.

  • How do I update text on a site?

    The html box is an editor for adding and processing text. It contains many of the tools you have encountered in Microsoft Word.

    Accessing the text editor:

    In the admin panel, access the page of your website that you want to edit. Note: Make sure you select the menu item you want to edit.

    Select the Content option (the orange button in the site header). Dragging the mouse will notice that you are framing certain sections of the page that contain some options, including a text editor. Picture below.


    Click the Text editor option (image below)



    Clicking on the Text editor option will open a window that you can see in the image below.


    Inserting a table in a Text editor

    Select the Table option from the drop-down menu, then the Insert table option where you choose how many columns and rows you want. (picture below)


    Insert images in HTML box text editor

    Select Insert from the drop-down menu and then Insert / edit image or click on the icon (image below). A new window will open. By clicking on the magnifying glass (picture below), you select the image you want to use and you have taken it to a virtual disk. (read the How to upload a picture to the site) guide. Confirm your entry by clicking the Ok option. You can adjust the image size by filling in the Dimensions field.


    Inserting links in the Text editor

    Select the text you want to become a link. Then select Insert / Edit Link as shown below. In the window that opens, enter the web address you want to link in the Link URL field. If you want the selected text to be a link to an email address in the Link URL field type mailto: peraperic@example.com (image below)



  • How do I add a new picture to an album?

    After taking the pictures, in the admin panel, select Content and then AlbumCtrl. (picture below)


    A new window will open (picture below)


    Refresh: Refresh your AlbumCtrl with new data

    New album: Create a new album and describe it. After making the album, it is enough to select it (left click on the rain) and drag the pictures from your desktop (desktop) into it. The pictures will be automatically copied to the album. After copying, select the "Refresh" option.

    Delete album: Delete an album

    Add photos: clicking on add photos opens a virtual disk window, select the folder or images you want to appear in the album you previously created.

    Remove photos: delete images from an album

    Edit photo info: selecting an image and selecting the edit photo info option opens a window where you can change the name of the image and its description

    Reorder photos: Selecting this option gives you the ability to drag and drop pictures in the album.

    Multiple albums on one page

    If you have more than one album on your site, after creating the album in "Album controller" (see image above), in the admin panel, select Content and then "New". Picture below.


    A new window will open. In the "Caption" box, type the title you want and select the album you previously created in "Album Controller" from the drop-down menu. Picture below:



  • How do I add a YouTube video?

    After selecting the video you want to post from YouTube, you need to select the "Share" option, followed by "Embed" (highlighted in blue). You can also choose the video size you want to upload to your site. (marked in blue).

    Copy the text (Ctrl + C on the keyboard), which is framed in red (<iframe width = ..............)

    Picture below:



    The next step is to go to your site and select the "<> Source code" option in the news or text you are writing by clicking on "Tools".

    Picture below:


    A new window will open (Source code), in that window do Ctrl + V to copy the text from YouTube. Confirm by clicking "Ok"

    Slika ispod:


    You will see a video within the text.

    Picture below:







  • How do I write new blog news?

    In the admin panel, select Content, then select Post List Controller (image below).


    A new window will open. In the drop-down menu, select the category in which you want to write new or edit existing posts. (picture below)


    Note: To edit an existing news or article, click the icon  and to delete on X.


    After selecting the category in which you want to write, click on the New post button and a Post editor will open, through which you enter new text or an article.

    In the Title field, type the title of your new article or news item.
    The URL identifier is populated automatically
    In the Date and time field, you can select the date and time the article or news item was written.
    Clicking on the Featured image box will open a virtual disk and select the cover image for your news or article. (read the instructions on how to upload an image to a web site?)

    Picture below.


    Note: You can add spreadsheets, pictures, links ... as part of your new news or article via the Post Editor. Adding said elements is done in the same way as an HTML text editor. (read the manual How do I update the text on the site?)






  • How do I access the admin panel?

    You can access the Content Update Dashboard by adding  /admin after your domain name

    By filling in the Username and Password fields, you access the panel. (picture below)




  • How do I upload a picture to a website?

    To access your virtual disk, select Files from the admin panel. Picture below.


    On this virtual disk, you store your documents and pictures that you need for your website.


    Home: Returns to the root directory of your virtual disk.

    Up: Returns to the previous directory.

    Refresh: Update, refresh your virtual disk with new data.

    Make Directory: Creating a new folder.

    Rename: Changing the name of a folder or file.

    Delete: Deleting a folder or file.

    Upload Files: Upload files from your computer that you want to upload to your virtual disk.

    While in Upload Files mode, select the Add Files option to select the images you want to upload to your site.

    After selecting the character, click the Start upload button (image below).


    Note: You are advised to create folders sorted by menu items or categories, thus facilitating your own visibility so that you can know at any time where you are.



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