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  • What is domain transfer and is it always possible?

    A domain transfer is a transfer of a registered domain from one domain to another. In order for a domain to be transferred from one registrant to another, it is necessary for the domain to be active. If the domain is locked, inactive or in the deletion process, domain transfer will not be possible.

  • What do I need to upload a .COM domain?

    If you want to make a .COM domain transfer, you will need to request a UNLOCK or EPP code from the current domain registry. This code contains an additional security measure for the domain owner, and without it the transfer is not possible.

  • What do I need to transfer a .RS domain?

    If the domain is registered in your name or company, it is enough to fill in the domain transfer request.

    If the domain is not registered in your name, the person in whose name the domain is registered must fill in the consent to transfer the domain to the new owner as well as a copy of his identity card.

  • What do I need to register a domain name to an individual?

    To register domains on an individual, you must submit:

     - Name of the registrant
     - The correct address of the registrant as well as the telephone number
     - PIN

  • What do I need to register a domain name on my company?

    If the domain is registered to a legal entity, it is necessary to submit:

    - Name of the company
    - The correct address and telephone number
    - Company identification number and PIB

  • Should I register a .COM or .RS domain?

    If you have any doubts about registering .COM or .RS domains, our advice is to designate a target group. If you do business in Serbia only, our advice is to choose the .RS domain. In practice, both .COM and .RS are positioned equally well.

  • Should I register a top-level or another domain?

    We advise that if you can, always choose the highest level domain such as .COM or .RS. Domains such as .INFO, .IN.RS, etc. are much less listed on search engines.

  • Should the domain name be shorter or longer?

    Domain should be as short as possible! It is easier to remember and easier to enter into the browser. Avoid domains that are very long because they are difficult to remember and easy to make mistakes when typing in the browser.

  • Do I need some domain registration documentation?

    No, it is enough for you to fill out the domain name registration request.

  • Can I use an already registered domain?


    Set up your domain's DNS servers at:

    and for any further questions, contact our tech support team at


  • Can I localize my domain somehow?

    Of course! If you are a local business, you can provide the name of a city or area in your domain so that it is easy to remember and have a keyword in your name. Eg. if you are selling tools in Sombor you can name a domain.

  • Do I have to pay domain transfer?

    The transfer of the domain is free of charge, however, upon its transfer, it is obligatory to extend its duration by one year, which is added on the current expiration date of registration. So for the price you pay on transfer, you get a standard registration extension.

  • Da li u imenu domena treba da imam crtice i brojeve?

    Izbegavajte brojeve i crtice u imenu Vašeg domena jer se oni teže pamte i teže se izgovaraju.

  • Keywords in the domain name

    One of the basic tips is that the domain name contains the keywords that you would like to find. Domain name keywords have a positive impact on the positioning of your site on Google and other search engines.

    The domain name should be the same as your site name or business name. An example of this is Bcoolsite and the domain name is, so people will not have to search for an address.

  • How important is it that my domain name is unique?

    It is very important that you choose a unique name for your domain! Avoid domains that are similar to some very well-known domains.



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