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Useful social networking tips

  • What content should I post?

    Whether you will try to attract attention with some humorous content, some news from your company or some news from the world absolutely depends on your target group. After posting take a look at the analytics, you will see which posts are more read and open ...

    One thing is for sure, which is that the quality of the post is definitely above quantity!


  • How often should I post content?

    There are generally no rules, according to all research it is best to post some content every other day! It is important that you do not fast every day as you may get bored quickly but it is also very important not to neglect your Facebook page and not be active.




  • Which social network should I promote my business on?

    The answer is definitely on Facebook and Instagram. These network are best for targeting people, or easily select your target audience.


  • Posting pictures and texts

    Your post may also be your advertisement. Therefore, carefully select the image you want to post, as well as the text you will post.

    You post the post by filling in the fields as pictured below.




  • Inviting Friends to "Like" Your Fabebook page

    One of the top priorities for your Facebook page is to invite as many friends as you like to "like" your site, because it is these people who will see your posts and pictures that you later post and post.


    To invite your friends, log in to your Facebook profile and go to your Facebook page. Then, in the More section, select Invite Friends. (picture below)




  • What time and days are best to post on Facebook?

    The best time to write posts after all research is around 8am (before work) and 6pm (after work), then people are most active on social networks.

    Weekdays are a must-see, but weekends are read and shared the most. If you choose between Saturday and Sunday, be sure to choose Saturday.




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