Email client setup, webmail access

  • How do I access webmail?

    You can access our webmail from any computer without any pre-setup. Just go to and enter your username and password. Picture below:




  • Setting up a Mozilla Thunderbird mailbox

    Open Mozilla Thunderbird, click the Options option in the upper right corner and select Account Settings as in the image below.



    A new Account setting window opens and select Add Mail Account as in the image below from the drop-down menu at the bottom left.


    Fill in the information as in the pictures.

    Step 1.



    Step 2.

    NOTE: make sure your Username is a FULL EMAIL ADDRESS!


    Confirm with Done and your email address is configured. We advise you to send one test mail.

    NOTE: If you receive a certificate acceptance notice, be sure to accept it!



  • Setting up Outlook 2010 mailbox

    Start Outlook 2010. In the toolbar, select FILE, and in INFO, select Add Acount.


    Once a new window opens, select Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click NEXT. In the next step, select the Internet E-mail option and click NEXT.

    You will be presented with a window where you should enter the following information:


    NOTE: in the User Name field be sure to write your entire email address!


    After filling the table select the option MORE SETTINGS and a new window will open:

    Turn on the My outgoing server (SMTP) option requires authentication as shown below.


    Select Advanced and in the drop-down menu the option Auto (set the data as in the picture above) then OK.


    Returning to the previous window, click Next.

    A new Internet Securty Warning window will open in which you select YES.



    After checking the certificate, select the Close option and close the window. (Picture below)


    In the last window, click Finish and your mail account is set up.







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