Frequently asked questions:

  • Will anyone contact me before my subscription expires?

    Yes, every user will be contacted via email to be notified in due time of the expiration of the subscription.

  • Do I have email and phone support?

    Yes, BCoolsite provides email and telephone support in case you have any problem or question.

  • Can I move to a bigger subscription?

    Yes, you can switch to a bigger package at any time! You only need to contact us and only the difference in the subscription price will be charged.

  • Can I update my site content on my own?

    You can, each of our users get their username and password to access the admin panel for self-editing content.

  • When will my website be activated?

    Once completed, your site will be activated within 24 hours of payment.

  • How long does it take to build a site?

    If your site fits into one of our packages, it takes about 7 days from the moment we receive all the necessary material (texts, pictures, etc ...).

  • Why is the domain price not calculated in the subscription price?

    Bcoolsite offers a wide range of domains, their price varies, and their price is added to the cost of the package.

  • I forgot my admin password?

    If you have forgotten your access code, it is possible to replace it with an email request.



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