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Each of our client, in case of subscription for one or more years, gets a free website. It is necessary to provide us with your company logo, if you have one, texts, images and other content. If you want a multilingual site, we offer you the possibility of translation into other languages.

After you provide us with the content, within 48 hours with your consultation , we are preparing proposals for web design. Your website will be created in our CMS sistem and it will be fully functional. You will be able to change your own content at any time.


About packages

Each package in Bcoolsite system is adjusted to the needs of our users and contains various modules. Each module is designed to work with very easily, and users are able to update the content on their website at any time and from anywhere.

BRONZE package contains some of the most basic modules such as image gallery, slide show, the possibility of setting up YouTube videos, Google maps for graphical representation of a site as well as links to social networks. This package is sufficient for most basic presentation, contains up to 5 main pages and one email address.

SILVER package contains all modules from the bronze package and additional modules for putting more albums, social networks share, contact form, insert of HTML code, CSS code and blog. Contains up to 10 pages and up to 10 email addresses. This package includes additional SEO S package that includes site application into specific catalogs as well as optimization of titles on the main menu items to achieve a better rating on search engines.

GOLD package, which is the most popular business package, contains all modules of bronze and silver package, also contains additional modules for specific contact form, site search, possibility of registration, forum, FAQ, multilevel menu and Multilanguage website. Package includes unlimited number of menu pages and up to 100 email addresses. With this package you can also get SEO M package that includes specific catalogs application and optimize titles of all menu options in order to achieve better results on search engines and raising the rating of the site.

PLATINUM package contains modules from all the packages, as well as some specific modules. Includes unlimited page number and Email address, SSL, SLA, GEO IP, integration of external systems ... For more information about the PLATINUM package please contact us.



245 €


Up to 5 pages

1 Email address

Domain connection
Gallery, YouTube, Slideshow, Google maps, Social networks, Favicon, Google Analytics

Unique design

Email support



395 €


Up to 10 pages

10 Email address

Mail aliases, Webmail, IMAP

Additional domains
Albums, Blog, Social networks, Contact form, HTML code, CSS code

Unique design

with modifications

Free SEO S package
Email support

Call us


Unlimited number of pages

100 E-mail address

Mail aliases, Webmail, IMAP

Additional domains
Multilanguage, multi-level menu, drop down menu, site search, user registration, forum, FAQ

Unique design

with modifications

Free SEO M package
Email support


In price of each package is included:

  • Production and assembly of the web site with a design of your choice
  • CMS system for independent modification of content at no additional cost
  • Free hosting in first year, after the first year the price of hosting is €50 for all packages.
  • Maintenance and Technical Support


Additional payment for multilanguage in BRONZE and SILVER package is 45€.


The package price does not include the price of domain registration. You can register with us at the best prices, which can be seen HERE.




CMS packages

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