CMS packages

Our packages are adjusted to your needs. Each package includes hosting, CMS (Content Management System) as well as large selection of modules such as the gallery, google maps, YouTube videos, T-Com catalog...

Prices of our packages can be found here


 55 €


For basic presentation
Up to 5 pages
Gallery, Slideshow, Google maps...

 95 €


For small business
Up to 10 pages
 Unique design, Albums, Blog...


145 €


 Popular business package
Unlimited number of pagas
Multilanguage, Multi-level menu, User registration...

 from 200 €


Corporate solutions
Unlimited number of pagas
 SSL, SLA, GEO IP, Integration of external systems


Doman registration

BCoolsite registers domain names at affordable prices. If you do not know or you are unsure which domains to register, please contact us and we will give you a suggestion. A complete list of domains with prices can be found here.

Design templates


We offer you modern, creative and functional design that will make your site stand out from the competition. We are here to provide your ideas into practice in the best possible way. More






Webshop packages

With many years of experience we used to make reliable, high-quality and functional web shop. 

We offer practical web shop with its own administration, unlimited number of categories and articles, reports, emphasizing the actions as well as many other possibilities.

Choose one of three web shop packages and start selling online today!

Details of our web shop packages and their editing capability, you can read here.



 145 €


 do 1000 artikala
Doprite do vaših klijenata 24/7


 195 €


 do 5000 artikala
 Započnite međunarodnu prodaju

od 250 €


 neograničen broj artikala
Potpuni E-commerce


Web development

You have an idea for your site, which does not fit into one of our packages? BCoolsite specializes in web development and solving specific requirements and ideas. Link





CMS packages

Domain registration

Large variety of designs



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Web Shop packages



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